Monday, June 1, 2015

WWOOFers and Critters

Last week, I ordered this year’s turkey poults from the feed store and I asked if there was any possibility of getting some runner ducks. They said none were available, but they had extra Peking ducklings arriving in a couple days that needed homes. I impulsively agreed to take a few.
I don't think I could have done anything to make my WWOOFers as happy as these ducklings.
Mae, Kelly and Zinnie all doting on the ducklings this afternoon.
Today was a glorious sunny day and I told Kelly and Mae they needed a day off after all their hard work helping with PetalFest.  My friend and neighbor Connie invited the WWOOFers to come up and work with her horses a bit.
When I picked them up a couple hours later, Kelly and Mae had ridden with Connie around her beautiful hillside property and were all smiles. The horses seemed happy, too.

Thanks, Connie, for making it such a perfect afternoon for our wonderful WWOOFers.