Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little Farm Library!

Ever since I first heard about this wonderful idea, I have wanted to install a little library on the farm. For years I have collected dozens of kids' books, many about farms, animals and nature, and have been constantly searching the ReStore and the thrift stores for some kind of cabinet that could be upcycled into a weatherproof little library.

Last year, the Leadership Greater Rochester group sponsored a community-wide Mini Library project with the  Rochester Public Library.  I applied for Squash Blossom Farm to be a site but only  in-town sites were eligible.

However,  this spring I got an invitation to re-apply because the Mini Library project was being expanded County-wide. And, happily, we were selected!  In August I joined the other new mini library hosts in a painting party. We were each given a darling, well-crafted (much sturdier than my carpentry try skills would have accomplished)  library. I painted mine in our farm theme colors and when I got it home, I adorned it with corrugated metal farm animals.

Lots of books have already found new homes, especially because we have had lots of children here the past couple weeks for a birthday party, our last pizza and music afternoon of the season, and the Cow Puja & Farm Fair this past weekend.

Today, Kingsley and her mom came to pick up their weekly CSA box and Kingsley picked out a book about animal tracks.
Then two young boys arrived and perused the library.
The younger chose "The Bear With Bees in his Hair"
and his big brother  selected "Mama's Little Duckling."

Kids with books make me so happy!  I plan to downsize my own overflowing library soon and add some good adult books, too.  The Public Library will also contribute regularly to the selection.

Thanks, Rochester Public Library, for helping us accomplish this great project!  Come check out the Squash Blossom Mini Library!