Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Morning in the Gardens

Sunday morning was so quiet and idyllic, I decided to leave the chickens closed inside for a bit longer and make LaFonda wait a few minutes to be milked while I walked the farm, camera in hand.
Thanks to our  hard-working interns, the veggie garden is looking more beautiful than ever!
Tons of tomatoes on the vines, many beginning to turn red.
Towering pole beans.
Hey--there goes intern Lynette, on her day off in her new car!

Bean blossoms.
Our favorite sweet Jimmy Nardello Peppers -- just need to turn red.
We have been harvesting the  greens and the bulblets of the wacky Walking Onions.
The Italian Zucchinis seem happy growing in straw bales along the fence.
Squash Blossoms!!
Red Okra-- have buds, no blossoms yet.

Carrots, edged with marigolds.
Baby cukes galore.
Birdhouse gourds, climbing a trellis with a birdhouse.

Bush beans and cabbages.
More squash blossoms. Love them.
The wildflowers along the driveway are pretty darn wild.
The sunny Sun & Sunflower Garden, where the solar system meters are located.
Jessica, Lynette and I spent a hot, sweaty day last week weeding the greenhouse and it looks quite presentable now.
Not as many Fresh With Edge towers in the aquaponics system this year--Chris now has aquaponics projects all over the city demanding his attention this summer.
But I am experimenting in a few towers--starting nasturtiums from seeds in the towers
and growing alpine strawberries!
The fish gazebo is inviting;
my new favorite meditative spot is in this wicker chair/swing I found at a garage sale and suspended from the gazebo.  It is mesmerizing to sit there and watch the catfish swimming up to eat their food.
Squash Blossom barn, reflected on the back of the Willys truck mirror. I  love summer and living in this place so much!!