Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday Frosting

It is mid-December and we have only an inch of crusty, patchy snow, at most, but at least we woke up to  a gentle fog and pretty hoarfrost this morning, making me feel more in the holiday spirit.

Jitterbug's ears and tail were frosted.
Three of the four guineas that  did not go into the coop last night  because they were too freaked out by me cleaning it. They slept in the  now-bare treetops, and I was happy they all made it safely through the night; I have been hearing the great horned owls a lot lately, and they have been known to take a sleeping guinea!
A few more frosty photos from my morning walk around the farm.

 Dogwood showing its frosty teeth.

 Solveig, the Prairie Woman, looks more like a Christo sculpture now.
Cold hands.
Argiope Garden Spider, rarely seen in winter.