Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunrise with Sundog

It is a cold  December morning, but the day is getting off to a beautiful start.  Saw the sunrise through the  dining room window and  had to go outside for a couple more photos.
We just passed the winter solstice, so this about as far south as the sun rises.
My dog Cocoa facing into the sunrise...
and a sunrise sundog facing back toward us.
It was so, so cold taking  these few photos! But then I pulled on the hand-me-down Carhartt overalls my little sister just sent me and I was snug and warm doing chores afterward! Thanks, Rita!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Morning Moonset

This morning, I got up a bit earlier than usual, but not as early as Rog  - he had an early morning meeting. I was just settling in to sip my coffee before chores when Rog called me up from his cell phone on his way into town - he said, “Go out and look at the moon!”  I  bundled up and grabbed my camera - and found it glowing above the horizon as I came around to the north side of the  house - it is now almost as far north as it gets.
The December full moon is called the Full Cold Moon or the Full Long Night’s Moon.  Long nights is right. Four more days until winter solstice, and then the days start getting longer!
The moon setting above Douglas.
I quickly did the chores, then came in just in time to see the sun rising through the dining room window. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome to the Squash Blossom Holiday Fair

The fire is already blazing in the wood stove in the store this morning, warming it up for the  last day of the Holiday Fair. It should be much easier to make the building cozy today, as the temperature outside is about 30 degrees  windchill factor warmer than the past few days.

Afraid I haven’t  had enough time to keep the blog up -to-date lately.  This week, my main focus was getting the store ready - packing up summer and fall items and  displaying wintery, gifty, Christmasy items. (I know, some people would have tackled this much earlier, when it was still warm outside, but other things intruded.) I managed to pull it together by Friday noon, but at midnight  Thursday it still looked like a cyclone had come through.
Santa and Mrs. Santa relax by the cookies and hot cider.  I have found some delightful Christmas decor like these dolls that I will happily keep if they don’t find a good home.
Chicken egg/ornament basket.
Fun and fancy dishes, from antique to vintage to artisan-made.
My biggest seller has been my “Warm Heart, Warm Hands, Warm Mittens.” They are sewn from repurposed wool sweaters, washed in hot water to shrink, to be dense and warm.   Many have fun embroidery, applique' or braid trim, contrasting cuffs or button embellishments. Each pair is one-of-a kind.  A garden trellis is serving as a pretty effective mitten display.
A vintage dress form  I got for Cadence last year is  currently employed as a display for  brooches and a fun mink neck-warmer.
People have been requesting these for a long time, and I now finally have notecards featuring my farm photos.  Here are a few of the cards currently available,  $1.50 each or 4 cards for $5.
Antique ceramic cardinal bookends and a gorgeous silk Chinese embroidery in an elaborately  carved display frame.
When Rog came into the store yesterday he asked, “Did you see the pretty frost on your plants in the mosaic panel by the door?” I almost didn’t tell him that I had replaced the old dormant sedums with artificial frosted plants.
I would be so happy if you stopped by the store today!  I have hot pear cider and cookies waiting for you. You will probably be greeted by three enthusiastic pooches and a couple of friendly cows over the fence. Yesterday, Zinnie  proudly and generously offered her prize quarry, a frozen  squirrel, to a young guest who was not as appreciative of it as she intended, but don't worry,  I will make sure  that squirrel is no where in sight today. We will be open noon to 5 p.m.