Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunrise with Sundog

It is a cold  December morning, but the day is getting off to a beautiful start.  Saw the sunrise through the  dining room window and  had to go outside for a couple more photos.
We just passed the winter solstice, so this about as far south as the sun rises.
My dog Cocoa facing into the sunrise...
and a sunrise sundog facing back toward us.
It was so, so cold taking  these few photos! But then I pulled on the hand-me-down Carhartt overalls my little sister just sent me and I was snug and warm doing chores afterward! Thanks, Rita!


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Hi Susan,
yes farming is a dance and you are not dancing alone! Happy New Year to you too! Here in NC we have Slow Money but as far as I know they are in other states too, check it out, we have small Slow Money Loan to build our Cheese cave, it is great people willing to help build a strong local food system. Maybe if there is one in Minnesota they can help you too!