Monday, June 23, 2008

Buying the Farm--Step 1

Yesterday our offer on a sweet little farm was finally accepted! We have been negotiating on this place since last winter (but admiring it for years longer, wistfully saying "I wish THAT place was for sale" whenever we drove by.)

The good thing about it taking so long is that now we have been there in almost every season, every time of day and every weather condition. We know what to expect next January when it is cold and bleak out. The frustrating thing is that it is truly idyllic there right now, in glorious June, and we cannot move in until probably September.

That is, assuming we sell our house. While our current house is lovely and well-designed, in great condition, with character and history, in a convenient, walkable location, and affordable, the market is so unpredictable. So, it's still too early to count our chickens.

Two years ago I came up with a name for our future farm--Squash Blossom Farm. I liked that it implies growing both flowers and vegetables. The words have a musical sound and squash blossoms are graceful, joyous, unassuming flowers. Plus the name has good potential for a logo or sign- perhaps vining lettering with a squash blossom finial on the "S".

Last week I had a revelation that the name "Squash Blossom Farm" is perfect for another reason: my life-long dream of having a little farm is on the verge of either being squashed or blossoming!


Frederick C. Johnson said...

Susan and Roger,

Congratulations on your decision to start Squash Blossom Farm's (notice more than one. But for now, of course you must get the first one up and running which I am sure you will do. Yes, the housing market is weak but that also means it is a good time to make a purchase of a lifetime and let your dreams come true. Good luck!

Cindy said...

I will come and join you at Squash Blossom Farm for home made wine and to watch the fireflies! It sounds wonderful.