Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our House Is Sold!!!

Big news! Last night we signed the purchase agreement to sell our dear house. Now all that is is left is the inspection, then to lock in interest rates. We close on September 5th. We hope to move our stuff over Labor Day weekend.

We love Kelly and Dave, the young couple buying our house, so that makes it easier to leave. They will take good care of it. We also know they will be great neighbors - so we don't feel so guilty moving from our wonderful neighborhood.

Our house will be inspected Monday, which we expect to pass with flying colors. Then the contingencies are removed Tuesday and everything is a done deal and the "Sold" signs go up on our house and the farm. However, we have one more threat to losing the farm before then: Somebody is looking at it Friday. But, they would have to make a non-contingent offer right then and there. If they did that we have 48 hours, so and we would really have to scramble to get the contingency removed Monday. Drama up until the very end!

After we signed all the papers, we drove out to the farm and walked around. All that mowing, those buildings to tend, dreams to accomplish, not to mention the ordeal of moving was kind of overwhelming. But the wheels are in motion now--too late to turn back. And I don't think we want to.

I slid open the door of the granary to see if the owner had cleared it out yet and was startled by the frantic scurrying of a bunch of small animals that had been huddled inside of the door. They turned out to be a family of darling kittens --so I guess our farm comes complete with plenty of mousetraps. I hope we can find some of them new homes.

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david, kelly & sam said...

Oh Susan and Roger! We love you guys too! (Just for everyone else, we are the buyers of Susan and Roger's house...the most amazing house in all of Rochester). We're so excited about the farm and can't wait to partake in yummy squash blossom farm produce!! You are such an amazing family.