Thursday, December 1, 2011


We woke up this morning to whiteness. It wasn't the first snow of the season, and it wasn't very much, but this time it feels like it is here to stay.  It's about time-- it is December today, after all.

Over Thanksgiving weekend when it was unseasonably warm, I hung garland on the fence, Rog strung up the holiday lights along the eaves, and I made a large wreath from pine boughs and dried berries gathered in the woods. Now that it has snowed it actually looks festive.
It was a gray morning, heavy with the feeling of impending snow, but we didn't get any more. I took a little trek around the farm, accompanied everywhere by my faithful cat, Orange, the speck in the middle of the driveway in this photo.
A few beets in the garden - must  dig up tomorrow!
Gordita looked gleeful as ever despite the snow.
Inside the high tunnel greenhouse it is as white as it is outside, but instead of a blanket of snow the  beds are covered with a blanket of Agribon row cover.  I checked the temperature this afternoon  when it was well below freezing outside. Inside the high tunnel it was 36 F and under the row covers it was 40 F. With all the white row covers draped over the beds it looks sort of like a morgue in there now, but under the covers the the plants are still green and snug and happy.
Next, a loop through the prairie, Orange leading the way,
with occasional scampers up a tree to gain a better vantage..
He is the funniest cat, and seems to purposefully pose for me in locations he thinks I might want to photograph, such as the big glacial erratic rock.


gz said...

When you've been waiting so long it is a relief when the Winter actually arrives! I suppose you know where you are then.

Lovely ginger cat. Looks like he is in his element.

Good that the polytunnel is doing its job well

Callie said...

Great photos! The second one would make a lovely Christmas card. I'm looking forward to getting some snow here. Pretty kitty.

Marcia said...

That cat acts like a dog!

The photo of the fence with the red buildings in the background id picture perfect.

Cheri said...

Love how Orange looks against the snow....and how he seems to be posing!

The Luddite said...

I think Orange is displaced. He is the spitting image of a Maine Coon cat. Appears to have the independent temperament of one to boot.

Camp Amnicon said...

ORANGE, the fierce wild KITTY-CAT! Meow.