Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tail Tale Chapter 3 : LaFonda's Tail is Hot Topic!

Yet another, possibly my last, post about LaFonda's tail.   The pink nylon tail worked for a couple days, but the fringes got tangled up on themselves and it lost its effectiveness as a flyswatter. So then, at a suggestion from a blog-reader, I made a baling twine switch, which has been working quite well. It is a bit heavier, stiffer and  maybe easier for LaFonda to aim at the flies pestering her, but it wasn't  as pretty.

On Sunday, our farm store was open and the Nodding Wild Onions played music. A young woman, Winona, was admiring LaFonda's makeshift tail switch. She told me that the place she works, Hot Topic, had crazy hair extensions on clearance for 99 cents and suggested that they would look awesome as a poof on her switch.
So, yesterday I bought several hair extensions at Hot Topic (a shop whose customers are generally much younger and hipper than I)  in an assortment of  colorful hombre and zebra-striped patterns.  I  cut off the little clips at the top of the extensions and sewed  four to the poof-y part of the jute switch, with a dab of  super-glue for good measure.
The trendy new tail switch hanging form a light switch.
The colorful zebra-striped switch looks  great with her spotted fur.  She is one stylin' cow!
The new switch with crazy hair extensions also seems to function very well as a fly swatter.  Winona says with time they will dred-lock, l just as  a real cow tail switch does.

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quinn said...

Gosh, I hope it's not "the last" post about LaFonda and her swingin' switchin' tail! I'm really sorry LaFonda lost her original equipment, but I'm enjoying the experimental modifications! And maybe it will help another cow and owner :)