Friday, August 10, 2012

CERTain People

Although I completed my contract with the Clean Energy Resource Teams last month and am no longer working for them,  yesterday CERTs came to the farm for their annual summer staff gathering.  It was wonderful to see my old colleagues. I gave them the obligatory farm tour (including solar panels on the barn, of course) and they fed cow cookies to the bovines.   The rain held off while we made 10 delicious wood-fired pizzas.  We made Rog's sourdough crust, sauce (from farm tomatoes, garlic  & herbs) and mozzarella (from farm milk) and everyone else brought their favorite pizza toppings, traditional to exotic.
I got to meet the new summer interns.

We shared exciting news and little-known background info about ourselves - for instance, Dan just got married!
Diana  just got solar panels installed on her house!

Joel has been a screenplay writer in a past life and was in a feature film! 

Jeff is not only a CERTS Coordinator but also a singer-songwriter!  He played us some music.

Maggie has served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador!  (Note Diana's  fabulous raspberry cake.)

It is Julia's last week with CERTS ! She will be studying at the Humphrey Institute this fall.

Lissa was a rugby player and team captain - and she has the battle scars to prove it!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such  dedicated, talented people in a wonderful, effective organization for the past 6 years. Thank you!

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