Friday, November 9, 2012

The Dreaded Trailer

Lindyhop, last year's darling little bull calf, is now a handsome, hefty steer of about 1100 pounds.  Next week is the dreaded date, his final adventure.
I am sobbing as I write this.
Two evenings ago, our generous neighbors dropped off their sheep-hauling trailer for us to use to deliver Lindy to the processor.  We decided to set it up in the pasture for a week and start feeding Lindy in the trailer so he becomes accustomed to going inside for pleasant reasons. Then, hopefully, all we will have to do on the appointed day is  give him a yummy breakfast and he will load himself up and not be afraid.

When we first  put the trailer in the pasture all the cows went bonkers, racing around it in circles, kicking up their heels and mooing. It was very entertaining; I wish I had  had my camera!
Lindy would love to go inside and eat the hay and grain, if only Lafonda and Lariat would let him.   Tomorrow morning we will separate the other cows and only Lindy will have access to the trailer, and that is where all his food will be. I can't even bear the thought of Lindy being separated from the herd, but maybe he won't mind. Being the only boy (except for little Poblano now) he has always sort of been the odd man out. We will smother him with special attention to make up for it. And he will probably be happy to not have to budge his way in among the older diva cows to get his share of hay and grain.

This is going to be the hardest week ever.


Marcia said...

Oh how sad, but will you be filling your freezer or selling him?

Susan said...

We are keeping a quarter and have sold the rest. At least he will be providing 5 g families with very healthy, tasty meat for the next year.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I really like and admire that you have feeling for this beautiful steer, even though he is not going to be with you much longer. You have a good heart. Is that a device under his nose to keep him from nursing?

geopol.g said...

Sad, but he has had a wonderful life on your farm. This is the way this should be done.