Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wren Rescue

Yesterday I found an adorable, tiny wren floundering on the steps of the  farm store. I presume he had flown into the glass of the door.  I scooped him up so Zinnie or a cat wouldn't get him.
Nothing seemed broken, but he  didn't attempt to fly away, so I was worried about a possible internal injury.  I carried him around on my hand for almost half an hour.
Finally, after perching on my little finger for a while, he flitted off into the trees. I think he will be ok.


Bearly There said...

Not a wren but a female ruby-crowned kinglet.

Susan said...

It does look very much like that, but according to the bird map, we don't get ruby-crowned kinglets. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby-crowned_Kinglet
I think it might be a yellow-bellied flycatcher:
But a friend on FB suggested a vireo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vireo

Joanna said...

Whatever kind of bird it was, I'm glad the little fellow seemed to be ok. How wonderful to be able to hold such a tiny thing in your hand.

Anonymous said...

Hi, folks:
Please believe 'Bearly There', this is without question a ruby-crowned kinglet. It's got the white around the eye, and the two dramatic wing bars on each wing, plus its small size. It isn't showing the ruby crown, which this species is able to hide, probably because it's frightened at being handled. Nope, not a flycatcher and not a vireo. I believe the farm is in Minnesota (or Wisconsin?), and ruby-crowned kinglets spend part of each year here. It is migratory and will be heading south very soon.
All the best, love your blog,
Val C.