Monday, January 27, 2014

How Cold Is It?

Just how cold was it doing chores this morning?  I don’t know -- the thermometer bottomed out!  I wish I had noticed this thermometer only went to -20F when I bought it, but then why would they sell such a limited thermometer in Minnesota?
I just now checked and it said we are up to -15F, with a -38F windchill factor.
I am a bit surprised about that windchill factor - it is quite calm compared to last night when the wind was absolutely blasting, creating whiteout conditions.  It blew a little snowdrift precisely where my shoveled chore path was. At least the snow is so hard-packed from the fierce wind that you barely sink in.
I  dressed warmly enough in so many layers that I did not get cold except for my fingers and eyebrows.
The sun is flanked by brilliant sun dogs this morning - this is the  one to the north of the sun just after sunrise.
Here is the sunrise, taken at the same time. I need a much wider-angle lens to fit the sun and sundogs all in the same frame.
Face peeking through the snow on the wood-fired oven.
Despite the cold, the dogs took off on their  daily rabbit hunt this morning and were rewarded with a warm breakfast. I think Zinnie is probably the one who actually catches the rabbit, she is SO fast and agile, but Nutmeg must be the alpha dog --she eats first, then Zinnie.
Cocoa gets the leftovers.
This wintery weather has put me in the mood to dive into my treasure trove of shrunken wool sweaters and sew more mittens.  I am sure the restaurant will be closed today due to the cold, so I plan to stay home and sew more mittens, then paint!  The mittens will now all be on sale - $5 off.  The way this winter is going, I am sure everyone will get plenty of use out of them before spring!


Olga Elder said...

I do hope your wrong about your weather prediction!

gz said...

Glad we're not that cold ! We've just had 50% more than the usual rainfall....

Marcia said...

That is coooold.

Susan said...

Oh, i hope I am wrong, too!
GZ, I have seem astounding photos of huge waves and flooding in Great Britain. Hope you are ok where you are!