Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hot Date on A Cold Night

Rog and I had a much-too-rare date night last night, heading into town for Social-Ice,  an outdoor ice bar that is part of Rochester’s Winterfest celebration. It’s a sensory feast, with  colored lights glowing through ice bars and sculptures, live music and  crowds of people festively bundled up against the cold.

It was a brisk night, a few degrees above zero with a stiff breeze, but we dressed for it. I wore fleece pants under my jeans (not the most slimming look), and a turtleneck, wool sweater and fleece vest under my shearling coat and was toasty warm all night.
Families playing miniature golf on an ice course.
Diamond ring ice carving at the jewelry store.
Icy shoe lost by a Paul-Bunyan-sized Cinderella?
Back side of one of the ice bars (the front was obscured by people ordering drinks.)
Another ice bar.
The bartenders from Chesters glowed green. They made us a delectable hot chocolate with Grand Marnier.
A fellow in a foxy fur hat
The Sontes bar had citrus fruits suspended in the ice for a cool effect.
Tessa, the owner of Sontes, made me their signature drink of the evening - a decadent Red Velvet Hot Chocolate.
At the other end of the Peace plaza, the Chateau Theater (home of Barnes and Noble bookstore) glowed warmly. So warmly that we had to go inside so Rog could warm up a bit.
Next, we walked a few blocks south to the delightful temporary ice rink created in the parking lot of the Creative Salon.  It is a very good year for ice -- most years it would be too warm to do this!
Inside the Salon (through the windows lit up behind the ice rink) was a terrific art exhibition opening and music, with a big crowd.  We ran into lots of people we knew there and I purchased a small print that I will frame for my office.
Our final stop was the Doggery, a speakeasy bar we had not visited before. We descended the steps to the  underground bar.
It is a pretty funky place for Rochester! It feels like you have been transported to Portland or San Francisco. No hint of the antique mall that used to be in this space.

We peeled off a few of our warm layers and sank down into a big, cushy leather sofa. Rog ordered a Scottie Karate ale which he enjoyed very much.  After those rich hot chocolates I needed something very light, and ordered a Movie Star cocktail, made with ginger, black pepper, and lime (no alcohol). Perfect.  What a great date night.

We ought to do this more often!


Joanna said...

Sounds like a nice evening. But it's soooo cold. All that ice. Quite different from the west coast where we have rain and fog, although today there was a skiff of snow.

I so enjoy following your adventures at Squash Blossom Farm.

The Farm Fairy said...

Sounds like you and Rog had so much fun! Looks beautiful with the ice sculptures and the colored lihgts!

The Farm Fairy said...
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