Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eggs A La Pinterest & Other Scrambled Ramblings

 Sunrise through the  suncatcher.
Sunday morning, we started the day out with farm eggs,  fried in sweet red pepper rings (a clever idea I discovered on Pinterest.)
A a little parmesan and some fresh basil...
The ground is still covered in snow, but it has receded by well over a foot and is now hard and crunchy. The little Garden of Good and Evil sculpture’s head has emerged from the snow. A week ago you couldn’t even tell she was under there.
We walked to the Heller farm to check out the new lambs -especially Bucky, the darling lamb with badger markings.  Round trip, we walked over 3 miles - if we do this a few times a week we just might get back in shape after the long, cold, inactive winter.


Marcia said...

What a neat idea for eggs. Those look scrumptious. I suppose you'll give me some advance warning before you send me my plants from the Kickstarter reward? My garden is covered in snow at the moment though melting fast. Would like to plant some peas soon.

Susan said...

I will definitely give you warning, Marcia! It will be a while, probably 8 weeks. I have 16 flats of flowers, veggies and herbs planted so far. The herbs are all up but just planted the tomatoes and they are on the heating mat--should have sprouts in a day or two! Will be planting peas, onions etc in the high tunnel this weekend. Happy, happy!