Friday, May 29, 2015

Wet, Wet, Wet

Judging by my 5-gallon bucket, today we got over 4 inches of rain. (And it is still raining tonight.) Our little pond, downhill from the pasture, is burgeoning out of its banks and has risen over a foot. See that little marsh marigold in the center of the photo?  It was high and dry along the edge yesterday.
Our  water issues are not even a drop in the bucket compared to what poor Texas and Oklahoma are going through, but I will still complain just a little.

The poultry are soggy and seem a bit cranky (except for the ducks.)
We have been working like crazy to complete the commercial kitchen.  Because of all the construction our grass is gone and the entire area in front of the barn is a mucky mess (even though much of it has already been tracked inside.)  So dismaying when we are trying to get everything beautiful for PetalFest in two days!
We got sopping wet  dealing with gutter and downspout issues on the barn during the  heaviest rain. Our clothes were plastered to us - so we peeled them off and took a shower. Funny that showering seemed the appropriate response to being soaking wet.
Todays’s deluge created a river through the garden and washed away much of the lovely mulching work the WWOOFers completed in the tomatoes yesterday. We still haven't been able to plant a large portion of the garden because it is too wet. The potatoes - see left of the  tomato fences - look great, though.
The peonies are on the verge of popping open. I am happy they weren’t open before this rain or they would have been totally flattened.
Irises seem delicate, but they still look pretty good despite the downpour.
My friend Virginia stopped over yesterday afternoon to  help spruce up the gardens before PetalFest.  Last weekend, a dozen more friends spent a morning gardening, painting trim and sealing tiles. We are so  blessed by generous, helpful friends!
 I was too embarrassed by the weeds to take a before photo, but thanks to our wonderful WWOOFers’ weeding, Virginia’s planting and Jerry’s painting, the farm store now looks beautiful and inviting for PetalFest guests.
Aquaponics technician Ruth and I  plumbed the fish gazebo with irrigation driplines this week and hung eight towers above the drain-and-fill growing beds. They are filled with nasturtiums, strawberries and marigolds and make a magical green wall that also conveniently screens the view of the compost bins.
We have our fingers crossed for a sunny, dry weekend so our first PetalFest will be a success!  A plethora of wonderful  musicians, artisans, gardeners and food are lined up for Sunday, May 31. Please join us if you are in the vicinity!

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