Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best Snowstorm of the Winter So Far!

We are s several hours into a blizzard. Well, I am not sure I would really call it a blizzard because it is not bitter cold and blasting wind here (yet) but so far at least 6 inches  of snow has fallen and driving is tough. I ventured out earlier today, mopstly  to rent a couple movies and get a rutabaga for the beef stew I am making, but as soon as I complete the chores and Rog gets home from work, we will hunker down and enjoy being snowed in.
 Everyone got extra feed and water and fresh bedding this morning.Only the ducks were playing outside in the snow.
At noon I went out to check on the cows and when I opened the barn door LaFonda was waiting for me. Either the cows had chowed down all their hay or it was covered too deeply in snow; in any case they wanted more.
 I humored them with a lunch snack. Pampered beasts.
Snow blasting the barn white.
Yesterday I went into the greenhouse and it was quite warm. My tubs of chard and spinach are looking great!
The dogs and I  tramped through the snow to check out the pond (just beyond those snow-blanketed rocks)
and the big rock. So pretty.
I love winter when it is truly wintery (and when spring is around the corner.)
Our trio of snow removal tools (shovel, wovel, and snowblower) is ready for action. After a delicious supper of beef stew.

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Marcia said...

Stay safe. Our snow deposit from Jonas is melting but it will be a long time before it all disappears.