Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Icey, Dicey

Yesterday afternoon, freezing rain began and continued through the night. The roads were so slippery, my car slid past the driveway and down the hill three times before I finally was able to make it in. All evening I watched cars slide backwards and sideways down the slope, and tried to assist one driver getting his pickup out of the ditch (alas, it is still there.)
This morning, we found a huge branch had broken from one of the large maple flanking the barn stage. There may be a bit less shade next summer.

It is amazing we did not lose power--ice covered branches were resting atop the power lines.
Last night chores were quite a challenge--even with  yaxtrax I was slipping and sliding all over the place, as were the chickens and ducks, which would be more amusing if I wasn't so worried about  crashing to the ground.

This morning the ice was a bit softer with a crusty layer of  snow, so it was much easier to get around. After feeding everyone, I went for a walk around the farm with my camera.

The ice is now beginning to melt, but early this morning the wild birds had a hard time landing on the feeder perches. I saw a sparrow try to land on an ice-coated branch and slide down it like a kid on a stairway banister.

Wild cranberries.

Bird nest in a buckthorn.

Somebody walked across the pond --raccoon?
A few days ago I went through all the squashes in the basement "root cellar"and threw a bunch that were deteriorating out into the woods for wildlife. (Don't worry, I used the best parts to make a gigantic pot of squash soup. The cows and chickens got their share, too.)


Marie said...

beauty amid the chaos of the ice ....

Sharon Jeselnik said...

Great pictures!!