Monday, February 20, 2017

Weirdly Warm Winter Weekend

This was a crazy warm weekend, with temps 40 degrees above normal. There's just one thing to do to when it gets that warm...clean the chicken coop! Well, not JUST one thing -- we also  took down the rest of the holiday lights, cut up and hauled wood, cleaned up dog poops, and power washed the patio. 
The sap started running, so we hung some buckets and  boiled down a bit of maple syrup.
 The guineas raced gleefully around the farm.
The chickens played king of the compost pile and scratched around in the  mud.
Jitterbug lounged in the sun atop the  compost pile.
 Oops,  LaFonda wanted to star in that photo.
Luna also soaked up the sun, sprawled across the top step.
Today felt just as warm as yesterday, but it rained all day. By chore time this evening, most of the snow had disappeared and the pasture looked like it  was actually starting to green up!
The farmyard was mostly mud, but the ducks were enjoying it.
The guineas and chickens were  soggy and bedraggled, but  nevertheless chose to be out in the rain all day.
Fog began forming in the prairie and it became quiet and mystical.
We are forecast to have a couple more days of this balmy weather, and then wonter will return Thursday with cold  temps and  possibly a foot of snow.
I think all of us who do not have the luxury of escaping to a warm, sunny getaway are appreciating this respite from winter this year!

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