Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Golden Autumn Morning

Early morning must be my favorite time on this farm, especially this time of year when the sunrises are orange-hued. The sunrise streams in through the dining room windows
infuses the room with golden light and creates wide shadows on the opposite wall.

A few pumpkins leftover from our farmwarming party glow red in the sunrise.
The red Willys Jeep also takes on a glow. We haven't got it running yet, but the new customized license plates came in the mail. ("Squashblossom" wouldn't fit so we settled for "Squash.")
The blueberry bushes, planted two and a half weeks ago, seemed to turn bright red overnight.
This morning there was light frost on the garden plots.
Red-winged blackbirds gather in the top of this tree in the front yard every morning and sing. Robins have been singing, too! They must all be gathering their motivation for the big trip south, but it sounds almost like spring.

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