Monday, October 13, 2008

Squash Blossom Bash

Yesterday a bunch of great friends came to our Squash Blossom Bash farm-warming party. It was the first major test of our pizza oven--Rog baked 14 small (and scrumptious!)pizzas during the party. On the left is Norm, whose scout troop planted many of the tall pines on our land 30 years ago!
Our dear former neighbors, Chris, Mara and Carol attended. We really miss them!
Stephanie and Sue. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy assembling pizzas, and didn't get a chance to take very many photos. I especially wish I had gotten photos of the pumpkin carving; a dozen artful jack-o-lanterns were created by kids and adults.

John brought his darling new springer spaniel puppy, Dot, who was the life of the party! Vera and Earl brought their dog, Chloe, too. Together with Nutmeg and Cocoa, we had some real party animals.
Even Kelly and Sam came--they are the new residents of our old house! Sam brought his guitar.
Some of Rog's HGA colleagues joined us, including Jennifer and her husband Matt and darling daughter Lydia.
Dawn recovered sufficiently from hosting the previous night's Barn Blast to party with us again! Jennifer was invaluable cutting up pizza ingredients.
Mike and Phil, probably sharing an inscrutable joke.
In the background, Doug is trying to convince his wife Kathy that they should build an earthen oven in their back yard.

Thanks, dear friends, for helping us celebrate our new adventure, for bringing wonderful food and drink, and for all your good wishes.

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