Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dogs of Solstice

Wahoo! Starting tomorrow the days grow longer!
We received 6 inches of snow yesterday, plus 6 inches Friday. This morning dawned clear, windy, and and brisk (-7F, but about -25F windchill.) Sundogs glowed on either side of the sun.
This afternoon as we drove home from town the sundogs were spectacular- iridescent rainbow arcs - but by the time I got home and got my camera and drove a mile or so down 60th to get an unobstructed view of the sundogs they had nearly set.
Nutmeg and Cocoa reluctantly posed for one more (humiliating) "Dogs of Solstice" shot. The things they have to endure for a biscuit.

NOTE - Why I haven't blogged for a few days:
My dear Canon Rebel xti camera is kaput. Happily, I purchased the 4-year service plan and Best Buy has sent it in for repair. Unhappily, it may take over a month to get back. How can I blog without my camera?! AND it is the holidays AND my daughters are home! Happily, they have a loaner program. Unhappily, I had to PURCHASE another camera (a Rebel xsi, because they no longer make the xti)but I will get a full refund when my camera comes back. What a pain, but at least I have a nice camera to use!

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Linda Lunda said...

Soooo sweet they are!!! How long did they stay on??