Friday, December 26, 2008

Silent Sentinels of the Snow

Such crazy weather. It warmed up to 42 degrees today and the snow got heavy, wet and sticky--perfect for building snowmen. We built four snow figures along the knoll on the south side of the driveway. Each is over 6 feet tall. The bottom balls were so dense it took three of us to roll them into place and even working together we could barely lift the middle ball onto the bottom layer.

These snowmen are absolutely silent because I am afraid they do not have mouths (yet.) This evening the fog rolled in and the row of snowmen looked very mysterious looming over the crest of the hill.


Anonymous said...

Love it! We built a 4 ft tall one, big for our neck of the woods, then a few small sentinels at the foot of our steps from the street. Thought about making snow lanterns but gloves were too wet. Love your blog, I'm adding it to my favorites!

Mariaberg said...

Really fun photo. Since it is more then one snowman! Good!