Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So much is going on I haven't had a chance to blog lately. I'll try to catch up a bit:
With this warmer weather, the chickens are venturing far and wide. The 4 chix that reside in the loafing shed with the cows found their way to the patio and helped themselves to the sunflower stash meant for the wild birds.

It's SO, SO muddy! We spread straw on the paths to the coop and barn and on the driveway in front of the house to try to reduce the amount of mud tracking in. Nevertheless, it is a constant battle against tell-tale boot and dogprints on the wood floors.

A bunch of pie pumpkins forgotten in baskets in the barn froze over the winter, so I dumped them into the compost piles. The cows had a feast. "Wow! These things are juicy!"

The daytime temperature has been above 40F the past few days, which means the sap is supposed to start running. We tapped our two silver maples by the barn on Saturday. These two trees gave us about 120 gallons of sap last year. It must take a few days for the trees to get pumping - we didn't get any sap Saturday, but today we got about 4 gallons from each tree. It takes 60 gallons of silver maple sap to make 1 gallon of syrup - we have a ways to go!

The holes we drilled to tap the trees last year healed over with fresh bark.

Last night we attended the informational meeting for temporary vendors at the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market. There are a lot of new vendors this year -it's exciting to see the market thriving and growing. It's not long until May 1st, the first market of the season.

Today our SeedSavers order arrived! (minus the potatoes) It is hard to believe that in a few short months we will be harvesting a couple tons of vegetables from the contents of this little box!

A few of our future crops...

In just a couple hours I leave for my Guatemala trip (yes -it is crazy -we are catching the shuttle to the airport at 2:30 a.m.) I made the decision to go last December and now that it is here I am wondering what was I thinking- there is so much to do! I am excited about this adventure, though, and won't miss being here for the peak of the muddy season. I won't be posting on the Squash Blossom Farm blog for a couple weeks, but I have set up a Guatemala blog, if you are interested in following the trek:

Good luck, Rog and Sara-don't let those geese nip you, or the cows get out, or the dogs eat all the eggs!


gz said...

Have a good trip!
My soil is just on ready to turn, I've been digging in the muck and tidying the garden.
Seeing all the packets of seeds makes you want to sow everything NOW!!!!

Becky said...

wow, you have been busy! Have a safe trip. I'm looking forward to reading about it.

katiegirl said...

Hope you have a safe and fun trip! I'll look forward to checking the new blog. See you when you get back!

Jen said...

Good Luck on your trip, Susan!
After reading your last post, I am looking forward even more to the warm weather, and Farmers Market season!
Take care, and travel safely!

Dan said...

Sounds like things are getting exciting at your farm! The seed selection looks great and the tree tapping too :-)

Callie said...

Wishes for a good safe trip. I'll check out the link. We have snow here too. Love those seeds.