Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloomin' Lovely

There's too much work to do and not enough time to blog much lately, so I have missed  posting  photos of the progress of spring and of the garden.  Suffice it to say, it has been a glorious spring!

Here are a few shots of current  blossoms.

Duckalicious Nasturtiums--this year I  planted them in a tall urn so the ducks and chickens won't devour them (they are apparently aptly named).
Centaurea, in a little  perennial bed under the windmill.

Geranium, next to the Centaurea.  (A mostly blue theme going on here, with forget-me-nots, borage...)
Drumstick alliums out in the veggie garden. I LOVE  these, but they are about done for the year.
Peony, tentatively opening one petal yesterday--I expect full  blossoms today.
OK, I am back again.
I just went out to photograph that same peony bud this morning and here it is--Actually, today the bush is covered with  fragrant, open blooms.
Cadence has a spectacular ruffly iris in her new perennial bed project by the granary.
One bleeding heart still looks pretty good.
Way back  at Easter I got  two big pots of begonias to flank the front door. It was too sunny for them there, so I moved them next to the chicken coop--I love how they look next to the red barnwood. I hope chickens don't find begonias as tasty  as they do nasturtiums.


leigh.jason said...

I was wondering what type of camera you use? The pictures on your blog always look so great. My wife is looking for a new camera as we prepare for a trip to Alaska later this month. Thanks for the info.

Susan said...

Thanks! My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel xti. It serves me well, despite benign neglect, and I dearly love it.

Susan said...
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