Monday, May 3, 2010

Farmers Market 2010 Begins

Saturday was our first Farmers Market day of the year.  It was a slightly brisk, but sunny morning with lots of people shopping the market. Everything went very smoothly, especially considering we haven't done this crazy routine since last September and we are missing one key baker (Sara is off in North Carolina making films).  

Over the past few weeks, Rog and I have been creating a Summer Kitchen in what was formerly a very nice shop in our barn.  We are contemplating making this a full-fledged commercial kitchen, but that will take a big investment and a lot of work. We we have begun  equipping it with NSF-certified commercial equipment, most of which we purchased used from Craigslist and  restaurant auctions.  For ease of cleaning, Rog installed a (nearly) seamless roll off vinyl flooring over the concrete floor before we moved all the equipment  into place. 

Cadence tried making her Cardamom Bread in the summer kitchen using the Hobart mixer, but discovered that dough is a bit soft and sticky for that mixer. (My friend Enid made her darling apron.
Rog greatly appreciates the Hobart mixer for kneading his sourdough breads. Before we got the mixer, it took two or three of us 4 or 5 hours to knead the dough and every surface in our kitchen was covered with flour. Now Rog can accomplish it himself in two hours and none of us have sore shoulders the next day.
Cadence's finished yummy cardamom rolls. Too bad you can't smell the intoxicating aroma.
It was so much fun to reconnect with all the other vendors and our wonderful Farmers Market customers. They must have missed us, too- we were pretty much sold out by 11 a.m. 


Becky said...

Wow!! That kitchen space is fantastic. Those rolls look wonderful! Congratulations on a great opening day.

katiegirl said...

Your breads and rolls look absolutely delicious! That kitchen is going to be so great! Do you think Cadence would share her cardamom bread recipe with me? I found a recipe online after reading about her bread here. It didn't turn out like I'd imagined, and I'm wondering if it was a weird recipe.