Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adios, Again

Very early this morning, Rog drove Cadence up to the airport to catch her 7 a.m. flight to Mexico. She is off on another adventure, this time to spend a  year at a music school studying mariachi.

Responsible girl that she is, she spent the past few weeks wrapping up  a lot of farm projects.  Most  importantly, she dealt with the harvest of the steers and selling the quarters of beef.  She got us all caught up on using our milk, making cheeses and  butter and yogurt and ice cream.  She accomplished lots of garden harvesting and processing, including making a couple of big batches of pesto for freezing, and cleaning the lovely crop of garlic that has been curing in  the granary.

I gave her a big, moist-eyed hug this morning and off she went. (Somebody had to stay home and milk the cow...)  Rog and I are now empty-nesters again-- if you don't count 4-legged and feathered family members.  Cadence, we are going to miss you SO much, not to mention your fabulous cooking and good-natured chore-doing.  Have fun, learn lots, be safe and call home often!!


Dawn said...

What a great daughter. Will pray she has a wonderful time and remains safe. Time will fly and she will be home before you know it. What a wonderful option to be able to do this.

basebell6 said...

I can't imagine Squash Blossom Farm without her :(. Best wishes for good travels and a great year to her!

katiegirl said...

Good luck to Cadence on this adventure! And that garlic is gorgeous!

Stephen said...

She's so sweet daughter.. God bless to adventure in life. She reminds me to my sister, I missed her.. :)

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