Monday, August 9, 2010

Granary Civility

It has been too stiflingly hot for anyone to sleep in the granary lately, especially  since the granary suffers from the  greenhouse effect, with no screens on the door and no operable windows. Until now!
On his way home from a work meeting in the cities, Rog stopped at the ReUse Center and found a triple window perfect for the front of the granary.  Usually Rog does not like casement windows on old buildings like this, but this window has scale and character that fits right in with our other outbuildings.
I also made a great find on Craigslist for the granary--a set of louvered wooden shutters/doors that just fit over the glass doors.  I love how they filter the light, and the louvers can be closed for privacy or to  shut out the hot afternoon sun.

This space is becoming too sweet to go unused now that Cadence has left--it just might have to become a painting studio this fall!

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mark said...

Wow - isn't it rewarding to make something out of your own sweat and imagination (with some old recycled materials thrown in for good measure? Congrats on a job well done!