Monday, October 4, 2010

Chirpers Are Perchers

I just went out to close up the chicken coop for the night and found that most of the littlest chicks had made it up onto the high roost. It is 5 feet off the ground with a bamboo ladder leaning against the wall beneath it.   I think they  must have hopped up the ladder from rung to rung to get up there.
My heart melted seeing the hen all puffed up with several of the chicks peeking out from beneath her.
This is the batch of 13 chicks that are being cooperatively raised by two hens.  The other mother stayed on the floor  protecting the chicks who had not yet made it up to the roost.


Toodie said...

Oh my gosh! It is very cute though. Lots of padding on the floor just in case huh? What kind of chicken are they? I am wanting to get Golden Comets. I have to insulate the shed an do other things yet before the chicks arrive. Love your blog my friend.

Susan said...

The hens are Buff Orpingtons. Fathers are unknown--most likely Chagall, the Americauna,, or Knickerbocker, the fancy multicolored rooster of unknown heritage.
Are you getting your chicks this fall yet? I plan to add insulation to the coop this fall, too.

daphne sy said...

it seems fun to have them lol. . .I would love to take care of this chicken! miss my grandmas farm, hope to visit them so soon. .

visit my hub=)

Toodie said...

Thanks for answering. I have heard alot of good things about Buff Orpingtons. We are hurrying to finish the coop but now I cannot find the place to order them yet. They had said Goldens are sold all year long. Hearty chickens. Yes insulating then lots of venting seems weird lol!

katiegirl said...

Aw, what good moms!! Although I guess both could have stayed on the floor to make it easier on the chicks. LOL.