Thursday, October 21, 2010

Say "Cheese!"

I just got home from teaching a Cheesemaking Class at the Good Food Store Co-op.  I love this photo taken at the end of the class because it looks like everyone had fun!
Miller is the Cheese Whiz at the Co-op and he invited me to demonstrate how to make fresh mozzarella.  (I know he really wanted Cadence, our farm's most intrepid cheesemaker, but she is in Mexico.)  I had made quite a few wheels of hard cheeses after Cadence left for school, but truth be told, I hadn't tried mozzarella until I was asked to teach the class.  It's not that difficult, however - it is the first cheese we ever made using Barbara Kingsolver's instructions in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. 
The cheese-making action was interspersed with  tasting and learning. Miller is extremely knowledgeable about cheese and had prepared samples of many mozzarella-type  cheeses for  everyone to compare.  The last step of mozzarella-making involves pulling the cheese like taffy and rolling it into little balls. This part was hands-on for everyone.  I am happy to say our  home-made cheese compared pretty favorably with the professional samples.  Better yet, I think we have inspired six new cheese-makers!


Susan Tomlinson said...

By golly, this year I'm going to try it!

Toodie said...

Oh you made it look so! Yep, I'm gonna give it ah go!

daphne sy said...

I always have time to think about this kind of activity but sad to say for now I have triple job. It seems fun I guess, I am jealous=(
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Susan said...

You might be surprised, Daphne-- You can make this mozzarella in just 30 minutes start to finish. Here is a link to the basic recipe:
The most important thing is to not use ultra-pasteurized milk. I also use a bit of lipase- it seems to make the cheese softer and more flavorful, but it is not required.
I wish you a relaxing day off from your 3 jobs!

Karla said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog. I've really enjoyed the posts I read today and I'm looking forward to more. I would love to attend a cheesemaking class. We hope to have our own goats in the not to distant future.

I found your blog at Community Chickens. I'm a fellow blogger there.

Stop by my blog if you get a chance.