Saturday, April 16, 2011

If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What Does April Snow Bring?

Last weekend, I was feeling a bit panicky because it was 80 degrees and I felt so far behind.

Never mind.  This morning we had freezing rain and  a bit of snow on the ground (up north in Bemidji, our home town, they got 8 inches!)
Raindrops had frozen on all the shrubs and trees, making the branches look like crystal pussywillows.
The violas resembled the sugared violets  Sara made last year.

Silver maple tree flowers encased in ice - on the tree that provided us with sap for our maple syrup.

The tulips and daffodils bowed over unhappily (I felt the same way), but by this afternoon they perked up. 


Michaele said...

Kinda looks like what we have here. The super nice thing is how fast it goes away. Very nice photos by the way.

Becky said...

Brrrr!!! I hope April gets it act together soon and you guys can put the winter weather behind you for this season. The pictures make it look so beautiful though.

Accidentally-Seasoned Hobo said...

Gorgeous pictures. Not sure where you are based. But almost exactly a year after this blog entry, I had almost the same title in my blog. Which is what drew me to your site. Beautiful pictures. The world, the time, just turns.....

Susan said...

I love that you found us through your parallel blog post a year later, Hobo. We are in southeast Minnesota. If your travels bring you near, please visit our farm!