Friday, May 27, 2011

Bringing in the Experts

This week my wonderful parents drove down from Bemidji to help me set up our little Farm Store.  My mom and I share a weakness for pretty dishes and she is  extremely talented at setting a stunning table or arranging an artful display. I was delighted when she was so eager to help.  We spent two long days cleaning and pricing my inventory of ProFound Objects and arranging them in the various shelves and cases I have acquired. I could never have made so much progress or accomplished such eye-catching displays without her touch.
Meanwhile,  my Dad assembled and hung shelves and took care of miscellaneous odd jobs. I think he even had fun.

There is still a lot to do, but we plan to have a "soft" opening this weekend- sort of a sneak preview for anyone who cares to stop by.  Next weekend we will open fully.
Early this morning,  On Site Sanitation dropped off a portable toilet, a requirement of our Township Board when they granted us a Conditional Use Permit for an on-farm business. I ordered a Contractor version (subdued brown and green) rather than an Events model (bright sky blue) and I had them set it up between two bushes on the west side of the granary.  If we have to have a porta-potty in our yard, at least we can't see it from our house and it pretty much disappears in the bushes.

Goals for today:  paint the sign, work on the garden, order business cards, finish setting up the store  to be ready for potential customers this weekend.
P.S. Thanks oodles, Mom and Dad!


Rain said...

oh I so wish I could come-looks like heaven(I'd even bring my own roll of TP!!) Have a great weekend --I'll be thinking of you!!

Becky said...

I really wish I lived closer. I would love to come shop at your store! Best of luck with the store! I hope it's an amazing success!

Bearly There said...

The Port-a-potty needs to be bracketed by Hollyhocks to make it official.

Susan said...

Love the hollyhock suggestion!

Samual James said...

good idea in setting up that portable toilet between the bushes, it would definitely not be nice to see that toilet from the window. I was also thinking to set up a portable toilet in my backyard but will have to find a place to hide it like you.

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lori said...

sue ... your mom and dad look great! i will pop into your store one of these weekends :) Lori

Susan said...

It will be wonderful to see you Lori!