Monday, May 21, 2012


This morning got off to a sweet start.  Um, yes, I ate that piece of cake for breakfast.
It was leftover from the farewell cake we had at a little celebration yesterday for Julio, the percussionist in The Nodding Wild Onions.  Julio played with the band for the last time Sunday afternoon at the farm. He and his family are moving to Arizona. They will be missed!
Got milk? We sure do.  About 15 gallons at this moment. After I ate my breakfast cake, I tried to make space in the refrigerator for two more gallons of milk I had just collected from LaFonda.  In the process of shifting things around, a quart of cream leapt off the shelf and somehow managed to spill in every compartment of the fridge, including inside the veggie drawers, as well as all over the floor and under the  fridge. Aargh! Oh well, that  refrigerator was overdue for a good cleaning.
Today a few peonies were beginning to bloom!  I wish the Internet had a fragrance app so you could get a whiff of that wonderful peony aroma.
The ducks are getting so big and duck-shaped.  Our old female runner duck is starting to hang out with the ducklings sometimes now.
The gosling is starting to get feathers on his her/his wings. They are gray -- maybe s/he is a Toulouse.
The baby robins in the nest in my future garden shed are getting pretty crowded.  I don't mean to rush them, but I am very eager to get that shed finished.
The raspberry patch is loaded with blossoms and all the bushes are humming with a cloud of bees.  Mostly they are my honey bees, but there are also bumble bees and wild black bees that I think must be  carpenter bees.
I dragged the hose over to water the berry patches and was delighted to discover an abundance of strawberries already coming!  I have never had much luck with strawberries before, but this looks like it could be a successful crop. I better get some netting over them before they turn red so the birds don't get them all.


Snooks said...

I've done it too. Eatin cake for breakfast and brownies too they are really good with coffee. All of the babies are so cute. Good luck with your berries.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Gardeningbren said...

Oh you did let the robins stay! I am so pleased. It was lovely to see their little faces beaming.

A fragrance app..wouldn't that be something!!

The cake was beautiful but sorry to read your friends are going to leave the community. It is always so hard to say goodbye.

What a great farm blog. I so enjoy reading it. Thank you.