Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our First CSA Day

The kitchen was overflowing with green today as I packed veggies for our first CSA delivery.  We  decided to launch a mini summer Community Supported Agriculture project  - six subscriptions of 1/2 bushel boxes with an optional egg share.  We had so many requests we could have easily doubled the memberships without  even advertising it, but this is our first effort, our garden is not huge, I am the only grower and  we  don't want to overextend ourselves. Plus, we want some veggies left for our own  eating and preserving!
Mojito mint and baby leeks from the  high tunnel.
Scallions from the high tunnel and sweet, spicy purple radishes from the new garden.
Tuscan kale and eggs.
Heritage  lettuce mix, bagged, with Swiss chard and spinach in the background.  I was aiming to harvest all the  high tunnel veggies so I can  pull out the winter crops and reseed with new veggies. They have just been so darn prolific and long-producing!
The finished half-bushel box. It took me6 hours to harvest, clean and pack the veggies for 6 boxes. I hope I get faster!
Chris was our first CSA member to pick up his box. I can't wait to hear  how everyone used their veggies.


Julie said...

We ate the radishes right away, they were awesome! The spinach got steamed to serve with dinner. I'll be looking up some recipes for the kale and chard. We're really looking forward to all the fresh goodies this summer. Thanks for all of your hard work Susan!

Bethany Ringdal said...

AWESOME. That all looks so good! Our garden is finally starting to take off; we can start harvesting spinach soon from our extra-early planting. I envy your early season! and I wish we could be there to help you harvest and pack; it sounds like just my cup of tea.

Susan said...

Speaking of your cup of tea, Bethany, I hung up a slew of mint to dry for tea today --must harvest nettles next. I sure wish you were here, too. You would be so amazed and impressed: the garden is way, way ahead of last year when you arrived in June!