Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Each of the past few weeks my CSA members have been getting a couple of baby zucchinis in their boxes. Last week I decided to leave a few zukes to grow full-size. Whoa -- that may have been a mistake.  We now have humongous zucchinis, which I call GadZukes.

I left the CSA members a note telling them that this was the last week for raspberries and  French Green beans, the yellow banana peppers are very HOT, and the holes in the kale are to prove it is organically grown.  Then it stated that they are required to select a zucchini to go with their box. That will teach the last person to dawdle; he or she will probably get stuck with the gigantic club-sized GadZuke.  On the bright side, it will make a lot of zucchini bread.
It is a pretty sweet CSA box this week, if I do say so myself:  Lacinato kale,  fresh garlic, onions, banana pepper, raspberries, haricot vert, and a very generous zucchini.

It has been so hot the chickens are slacking off and I did not have quite enough eggs for the egg shares. Our  dear neighbors Betsy and Don also raise chickens with the same farming philosophy and they came to my rescue so nobody would be shorted. I am sure the CSA members won't be able to tell any difference....but if you DO get a funny-looking egg, it must have come from one of Betsy's chickens!  :)

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Annnightflyer said...

I think its wonderful what you're doing with the boxes and food! Bless you two.