Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sopping Wet

Lately, whenever you are outside doing anything more exerting than slumping in a lawn chair in the shade, you are drenched in sweat. It has felt like the tropics (or how I imagine them to be, I haven't actually been to the tropics.)  It was such a relief last night and this morning when instead of the air being saturated with water, it actually rained -- three inches!  All of us farm critters were happy for the overcast sky and the warm drizzle, with the possible exception of the soggy chickens and turkeys.
The pasture is being revitalized from the recent rain with lush, green grass - maybe I can stop feeding hay for a while!
Lindy looks absolutely filthy getting  his shower, the rain creating dirt streaks down his white fur, not to mention the hay crumbs on his head.
The ducks found a low spot in the middle pasture that formed a wonderful, deep puddle.
The seeds we planted mid-summer are going to town. So are the weeds, but it is too wet to be in there weeding.
Yesterday, Chad built a little porch for the garden shed despite the sweltering heat.  It's just big enough to set a chair on for gardening breaks.
A sugar pie pumpkin sprawls near the shed with several pumpkins already showing color. 


Cheri said...

Love that garden shed! the color is a perfect squash blossom shade!

The Willits Family said...

Thank you so much for your kind welcome Monday when my friend and I stopped by. We did find Betsy! She was pretty wonderful too. I am going to call and see about picking up some milk Wednesday.

Marcia said...

Glad to hear you got rain. How's the calf doing?