Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few Farm TIdbits

I worry sometimes that you must think life is  lazy and boring around here if I am not blogging regularly, but to the contrary - it is crazy busy and fun!  Too busy to write a thoughtful post, or even take  lots of photos, but I will post a few to give you a little taste of what we are up to.
Dealing with tomatoes galore! This is our first Gold Medal, a variety that has special significance to me.

Oh dear - I have a bunch more photos to post but  just got notice that I am out of photo storage space from Google. So, I will close here and figure that out later because momentarily, I must head to the airport in Minneapolis and pick up daughter  Cadence arriving home from Prague!! Hooray!

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Marie said...

yep, life gets busy doesn't it !!! I got the crap about the "too many pictures also" .... forewarned -- they will charge you for more pictures ....