Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pearl of the Lake

Time for a little- off-farm adventure!  Last night we had a dinner cruise on Lake Pepin with the fine folks from Rog's work. The boat was The Pearl of the Lake, a river boat that is authentically powered by by the paddle wheels.
Boarding the boat.
While we  loaded, the First Mate cast for fish --a perk of the  job. He told me last week he caught an enormous northern pike.
We take off, cruising around the lake.
I took a turn at the  helm (is that the right word?)  I am a pretty good pilot, if I do say so myself.
Andy  and his dad Bob on the deck. Andy also piloted the riverboat.
From the top deck looking down.
We had a leisurely dinner and arrived  back at the dock at dusk.  What a pretty  evening on the water.
But the temperature was dropping fast, forecast to get as low as 29 degrees overnight.  While we were out boating Cadence had covered the tender veggies in the garden.   Our huge wall of morning glories is covered in buds but has yet to bloom. I didn't want them to freeze  before our big event next weekend, so Rog and I wrapped them in tablecloths, blankets and fabric. I hauled in all the  pots of annuals and tropicals - about 15 big patio plants. Rog covered  my new plantings in the new perennial garden and closed up the greenhouse.
It did frost hard,  so I am glad we went to all that effort to protect things.  After the Cow Puja and Farm Fair  next weekend we will give in to autumn.


Gardeningbren said... can still see the frost on the roof in the last photo. It is hard to see summer go, but autumn has it's own joy.

Annnightflyer said...

ohhh a blanket party! Nice hope your plants did good.I've rode the riverboat in New Orleans before,what a thrill!