Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Bovines for Sale

I have been procrastinating facing this, but we really need to reduce our herd size.  We have too many cows for our little pasture.  So, I am listing our Dexters for sale. This makes me very sad --they are  so sweet, and aren't they pretty?

I hope to sell Lariat and her  bull calf Poblano together because is still nursing - and will nurse until he is even bigger than his mom, if allowed.  But he is plenty old to be weaned, so I could sell him separately if somebody only wants a Dexter bull.
I am also offering Jitterbug,  Lariat's year-and-a-half old heifer calf, for sale.  I hope to keep at least one of the Dexters, but if somebody wanted to start a small herd, I would sell all three together.

Dexters are very small, hardy cows,  bred for meat, milk and work (although they don't really do any of those things on our farm.) They are the perfect cattle for a small hobby farm.  Our Dexters are  mostly pets,  very food-motivated --offer a cow cookie and they will follow you anywhere.

All of the cattle were abundantly blessed at the Cow Puja two weeks ago, so I hope that means they will find wonderful new homes.  

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