Sunday, October 14, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Because we had a healthy jungle of tomatoes taking over the high tunnel greenhouse and couldn't bear to pull them out, we got our winter crops planted quite late.  According to Elliot Coleman, the guru of  cold-climate winter gardening, the winter crops we planted will grow in the cool weather, but the greater issue is the short day length.

So, we are experimenting with  adding some light for a couple hours a day. Now, once it gets dark, the greenhouse glows beautifully.
The lights are just 4-foor fluorescent shop lights, the same lights I use to start my seeds in the spring. I don't know if  we are adding enough light to spur the plants on to greater growth, but it can't hurt.


Reagan said...

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Marie said...

in my college days I worked at a local greenhouse and to get pointsettia, mums and carnations to bloom -- they had to have light at least 12hrs a day ... and in the summer -- we covered 'em to limit them to 12 hours a day. -- the cycle of growing!