Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crimeny!! (a cuss word my grandma would have uttered today)

This is what we woke up to today.  I know it just looks like another typical winter photo, but it is May 2nd!! And yesterday it was spring! We had  about 8 inches when I went out to do morning chores, with  up to 8 more inches forecast this afternoon. And it is that heavy, wet, sticky, heart-attack-inducing snow.

Last weekend, Cadence optimistically transplanted all the brassica starts in the garden. Even though I  went out in the blustery sleet yesterday and covered them with row cover,  I don't know if they will fare very well flattened by a foot of heavy snow. We'll see - cabbages, brussels sprouts,  broccoli, and collards are tough and endure cold pretty well.
The poor crabapple trees' branches (and those of many other trees) are weighted to the ground. I was supposed to be checking on my newly hived bees today - see yellow hive beneath tree - but I don't think I will be opening them up today. I am glad my beekeeping mentor Tom advised me to put an insulating board under the top cover until this cold weather passes.

Rog snowblew for an hour this morning - the snowblower reluctantly chugged out the sticky, wet stuff - and did not take the opportunity for a snow day - he risked the roads to get to work. I  slacked off snow removal this morning, but am sure I will get  my opportunity to snowblow this afternoon.

Jitter was not delighted.

 Snowbound birds.  I feel so sorry for the robins - I don't know what they eat when the worms are so inaccessible.
Adirondack chairs with overstuffed snow cushions.

So pretty - if it were December!


Gardeningbren said...

While the photos are wonderful, I am just shocked with the snow! A cuss word is definitely in order.

Marie said...

holy crap !!!! a few wayword flakes fell yesterday afternoon but no accumulation .... take care, this too shall pass (hopefully quickly)

basebell6 said...

Gorgeous photos! I am a bit jealous! A very very small bit though.

Marcia said...

Too bad. Yes, where is that warm spring the forecasters said we would have. No snow here but cooler than normal temps for sure.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, forgoodnesssakes! That's horrible. I hope it ends soon, and you get back to actual spring temps.

PS--I like your fence. I think the color is a good choice

Mary Ann said...

We got snow, but it did not stick. This is the weirdest weather year!

JP Swift said...

I had never been on your blog before and I started to to scroll down the page and I scrolled back up to see the date posted. I'm in New Hampshire and it was close to 80 degrees yesterday. Really sorry about the weather. JP

Susan said...

Hi JP - See today's much happier post! (May 8)