Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Equinox Weekend

We did what is probably our last  market baking for the year this weekend.  Night comes considerably earlier these days and we got kind of a late start on the bread Friday evening.
Rog baking by headlamp. We baked in the dark and it was still dark when we got up to head for market!  It is a bit more fun doing the farmers market on the long days of summer.
After the Saturday market, people showed up at the farm in the afternoon for the first Fresh With Edge tilapia harvest.  Chris waded through the pond with a net to round up the fish.
Some customers even caught their own dinner.
The tilapia tripled in size over the summer, growing from about half a pound to over a pound and a half. A few tilapia eluded Chris's net, but he figures they will be easy to catch as the water temperature drops during these brisk fall nights and they slow down.

Saturday night after tilapia fishing, we had an end-of-the-season wood-fired pizza  party for the CSA members --but I neglected to take photos.  We are so appreciative of the 14 families that subscribed to this  years's summer CSA and  support our farm so heartily! Thank you.
It has been such a busy, happy week, following last week's family reunion. We have been overjoyed to have both daughters home.
This morning we took them out to brunch at our family's favorite Minneapolis breakfast spot, the French Meadow Bakery, before Cadence headed to her job and Sara flew back to North Carolina. It was a glorious fall day and we brunched outside in the brilliant sun.
After brunch, Rog and I sped home to open up the farm for the afternoon. A perfect day, with fantastic music from Thomas and the Rain, and lots of fun, friendly people visiting the farm, many for the first time.
This evening we managed to squeeze in a couple of small but important farm jobs, including moving the mother hen and her big brood from the barn to the coop. I am confining the entire family to the middle room of the coop for a few days so that they will learn to return to the coop at night, not the barn. Here is a family portrait taken in the coop tonight - you can see about a dozen of the 17 chicks.
Now, off to bed...This will be a very busy week, devoted to preparing for the 3rd Annual Squash Blossom Farm Fair and Cow Puja next Sunday.  The long range forecast sounds ideal and the event promises  to be amazing -- hope you can join us!


Jane B. said...

Hey Lafonda, when are you havin' that baby?

Susan said...

Jane, When the supposed calf was obviously overdue i had thevet come out and do a pregnacny test and no, she was not pregnant. He said there are some plants she may have eaten with estrogen-like compounds in them that might have caused her udder to to fill up. However, we have since bred her and Jitter for May calves, which is preferable to me, anyway! Wasn't really looking forward to miking in the cold, dark winter...dealing with chapped teats and frozen fingers and milking equipment that doesn't want to work in the cold...

Jane B. said...

Thanks Susan for taking the time to let me know about Lafonda. I enjoy reading your blog and I was checking every day for a birth announcement. I've never had a calf (personally or on a farm) but a spring baby does sound a whole lot better!!