Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Reunion Weekend

It was a whirlwind family reunion weekend at the farm, with most of Rog's family here from across the country. Here are some of the characters and highlights, in no particular order.
Rog's brothers Jerry (from Colorado) and Chris (from California).
Laurian (wife of Jerry) and our niece, Meredith.
Rog's mom, Ruth, from Eugene, OR.
Everyone was eager to meet Israel, our new son-in-law, married to Cadence.
Our newlywed niece, Annie
and her husband Sean, here helping Jerry tie a broken branch to our pickup truck to pull it out of a tree.
Our daughter Sara (home again at last!) with her aunt Laurian.
Rog had a willing crew to hep  with some lumberjacking.

Annie flew high in the tire swing,
as did Sean.
Lumberjack audience.
A big bonfire.
Grandma silhouetted against the fire.
Feeding Betsy's lambs...

A few games of HORSE.
Sean teaching Zinnie how to play basketball.
Sara doing pest control in the greenhouse.
Grandma talking with Israel and Cadence.
Rog and his mom.
A cup of  coffee before the pie-making.
Apple-pie-making session.
Meredith learns to make mozzarella.
Cadence and Grandma.
Relaxing in the sun.

We had so much fun with the Nelson relatives here. (Missed you, Vicki and Zach!) It was way too short a weekend, but we managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun and even some work (not pictured: wood-fired pizza,  Scrabble game, Sunday concert...) Thanks for coming to the farm, dear Nelson family! 

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