Monday, November 11, 2013


Snow!! It’s not much, but it is sticking, at least for the morning. Even though I always feel a bit depressed during the dismal days of November, anticipating the long, cold winter, I do get a surge of giddy, childlike happiness when first the snow falls.
We spent all weekend preparing the yard and  outbuildings for winter, but aren’t quite ready - hope we get one more warm weekend before winter settles in.

After a week of battling with the  lawn mower not starting, I was finally able to finish leaf sweeping  Saturday. We have so many  deciduous trees that the leaves get pretty deep and smother the grass if not removed.  You can never get them all - they are still falling - so some will remain to replenish the soil.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the house and fence completely painted before winter. Before the leaves fell  you couldn’t really tell, but now it s going to bug me every time I take this walk. Oh well, that project will wait for us until spring.
After chores, the dogs and I took a little walk through the woods and prairie.  I especially like the first snow because there are still bits of vivid color bursting through the white.

Zinnie on the big rock--such a good lookout spot.
It  is a very good year for wild cranberries.
The barns barely visible through the trees.


Marcia said...

Lovely first snow there. We have that in our forecast for overnight but unlikely anything will stick.

gz said...

We've had our first snow here last weekend, but it is back to windy showers now. Fair warning to get the woodpile finally stacked!!

Tyche's Minder said...

I'm half a day behind you in weather, and at least a week behind in clean up. Oh well. Must remember to drain the hoses tonight! Here comes winter.

katiegirl said...

What a beautiful farm. :-)