Tuesday, November 5, 2013

These Frosty Mornings

This morning’s sky was so dramatic with the sunrise and contrails, I had to go outside take a few photos.
The sun rises so much further south now, just 6 weeks after the fall equinox, when it appears at the end of 75th Street. Pretty soon we won’t be able to see the sunrise from the house because it will be behind the garage.
The pasture was silver with frost.
In the vegetable garden, colors are  muted and textures accentuated.
Purple cabbage glows golden in the sunrise.
These radishes are almost ready to harvest, but not quite. Hope the ground doesn't freeze for a couple weeks yet.
Lacinato kale can withstand the frost. I intend to transplant  some of the kale and Swiss chard into the high tunnel today.
Zinnia remains.
More dried, frosted zinnias.
A cabbage leaf on the grass.
Weeds along the lettuce.
Cocoa waiting for Zinnie and Nutmeg to burst out of the pampas grass - a favorite place for dog hide-and-seek.
A new post light (made from an old 1970’s lamp with a solar light inside) for the driveway fence, etched in frost.
My windshield message to Rog melted away as his truck warmed up before heading off to work.

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Rhonda O said...

Beautiful photos!!!