Thursday, September 25, 2014


Two Men and a Truck arrived this afternoon, delivering an awesome Vulcan stove for our commercial kitchen!
Two guys had managed to load it from a garage with a steep driveway, but they called in reinforcements to help unload it.   Josh wondered how the heck just two of them were able to get it loaded by themselves. It has 6 burners a griddle and two ovens - it is a behemoth!
Four men expertly unloading the Vulcan. This range came from gourmet friends who used it for many years in their home kitchen but were remodeling with something smaller.  They kindly thought of us and our Commercial Kitchen project! We didn’t think we would be able to afford a commercial range until well after the bakery part of the kitchen was finished and earning revenue. How wonderful we won’t have to retrofit the space for a stove!
Zinnie supervises.
The range is carefully wheeled through the doorway.
The strong moving crew in front of the beautiful range, set in a temporary spot  in the barn.  These fellows will be back in a month or so when the kitchen construction, plumbing and wiring are completed, to move it into its designated place.
Maybe we will celebrate by making them some wood-fired pizza! 

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