Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Few Fall Tidbits

It has been such a glorious fall, giving us plenty of opportunities to cross accomplishments off the bottomless project list. Nevertheless, I always feel a bit sad his time of year; the beautiful days are tinged with bittersweet inevitability of impending winter, and daylight hours are slipping away.
Two of this year’s additions to the laying flock, a silver-laced wyandotte and a gold-laced wyandotte.
A few weeks ago I purchased 4 half-grown guinea keets from a farmer with an abundance of young guineas. Two disappeared into the woods the first day they were let free to roam, but these two latched onto the blue cochin hen as their mentor/protector/mother figure. This trio is always together.
In other inter-species farm critter news, Zinnie and Splotch remain playmates even though Splotch  is now much bigger than Zin.
When they play tag, Zinnie now leaves a bit more distance between her and Splotch so she does not get trampled. He must be close to 300  pounds now and she is about 40.
The new pond continues to slowly fill with water. I poked a stick into the mud at water’s edge yesterday morning, and this morning the water was an inch deeper.
Steam rose from the recently disturbed ground near the septic mound in the brisk morning air.
Our awesome WWOOFer of the week, Sarah, is cleaning up a portion of garden  and planting garlic today.  While scouting our planting strategy, we discovered a perfect, huge, delicious watermelon hiding at the garden’s edge that was missed during melon harvest.
There’s not much left in the outside garden now but kale, Swiss chard and a few stray little pumpkins.

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