Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Splotch /Six Months in a Calf’s Life

(an experiment with a new video app- click on photo or link)


Marcia said...

Does this mean you've sold Splotch? Maybe I should have watched that full screen because it was very hazy and difficult to make out the photos. Interesting way to tell a story.

Susan said...

Hi Marcia- Nope, we still have Splotch, although he is at an annoying teenage stage where he is always testing the fence to find escapes, and he always wants to play and he is so big it can be scary sometimes when he is so frisky.
I was very disappointed in the resolution on Blogger, so just uploaded the video snip to You tube with a link - I would be grateful if you would please try that if you have a moment and let me know if it is better.

Lisa S said...

YouTube video works great, beautiful pictures!