Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Morning

It was foggy again this morning, and when I went outside the air was heavy, warm and still, with the undulating thrum of insects in surround-sound. I flashed-back to when I was a little girl, visiting my grandparents' farm in late summer in southwest Minnesota. I am sure that is where my life-long farm-yearning originated.
Foggy sunrise over the garden, birds on the wires.
Last night I weeded the former garlic bed, hand-tilled it and planted rows of mesclun and beets for fall. So dismaying that it now gets dark at 8:30.  I love gardening in the cool of the evening and could get so much more accomplished if there were a couple more hours of light...
Took a little walk around the farm in the fog before letting out the  demanding poultry from the coop.  They follow me everywhere like the pied piper. I love that, but they are always underfoot. Here is how the front of the barn looks now that the commercial kitchen project is complete. Still have to paint a bunch of doors, put up some window boxes, and install some exterior lights.
The big head planter now covers the well so no cars drive over it. Rog noticed he is facing toward Mecca.
The fairy garden has been totally neglected the past busy month but it still seemed rather magical this morning.
The wild chickens came running down to the fairy garden to fetch me to get them some breakfast and cows were waiting impatiently at the gate, so had to end my walk and tackle chores.

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